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Re: Admiral Marcus and Section 31

Yea, But you were saying something about the Illuminati TIMO. lol! I must have misunderstood. I thought secret cabal was where you were heading with this.

Anyho', this is about how section 31 plays here.

Yea, he did have the Vengeance with the other model ships. And he did mention section 31 openly to Kirk (though the way Adm. Marcus says it implies he's telling Kirk something he doesn't know). Yet in the film the Vengence is built in secret, Scotty does seem to imply that strongly and earlier when Scotty finds his trans-warp device was used by Khan to escape to Qro'nos he is very surprised, but I forget the line.
I also noted that all the Vengeance crew were not starfleet.

I feel there's a conflict within the film here. If the Vengeance is a secret, why have the model? A lame film tease? Hubris? Hmm.

Personally, I find one of the biggest problems with the JJ.Trek scripts is that a lot happens and is sorta explained later... but not always satisfactorily.
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