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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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Isn't that accomplished by all the usual scenes where people are walking around on starships instead of floating?
In my experience, this could lead to people saying "What a stupid film, do they know there is no gravity in space? I knew I shouldn't have listened to you to watch this Star Trek bullshit" Well, except that was Prometheus, but I guess Star Trek would have had the same reaction.

The scenes in TUC and STID where the gravity failed, as well as the scenes in Enterprise, STXI and STID where people floated away in space after a hull breach, were a very convincing and influencing reminder that you are not on the ground, that the gravity is only artificial and that it might fail you at any moment. It suddenly makes me think how that the rules I know no longer apply, and makes me enjoy being somewhere else.

Or are you saying that the film is better off without that scene? I am not following.
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