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Re: When did the perception of Insurrection change?

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Even TUC is bashed more now.
TUC is very tied to the ending of the cold war between east and west, and as that recedes more into history the movie makes less sense. To my generation it's a relic of the past, equal to vietnam and korea.

Even a single scene where Admiral Cartwright and the other conspirators explain their motivations and reasoning really would have helped the movie.

Something more than "Gee, I don't trust the Klingons, I hope we never have peace."

it's clearly a Cold War metaphor yes, but it can be applied successfully to a lot of long-term conflicts, from the Arab-Israeli one, to North Korea-South Korea, etc. The central issues of peace, security, the military-industrial complex, etc. are still as relevant as ever, it's just that the cutesy references like "only Nixon could go to China" are a little dated.
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