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Re: "Second Chances" and its disturbing implications

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Another disturbing implication of the Riker style duplication, is that it would seem perfectly plausible to create a clone (or more) of oneself for nefaroius purposes.
Such a recreation of the events which generated a second Riker could be nearly impossible to achieve. As I understand it, Riker was beaming through a planet wide distortion field at the specific time a massive energy burst occurred. Two containment beams were initiated, which turned out to be unnecessary as the 1st was sufficient. When the 2nd was shut down, it was reflected off the distortion field, in its highly charged state, back to the beam out point

So it's arguable that the nature of that specific distortion field, during that random energy fluctuation was as much, if not more, the reason for the 2nd beam resulting in a full pattern materialization of an additional Riker than just initiating 2 beams on one target
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