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On average, I did not like the show that much. With other shows, I would get to like even mediocre episodes because of the characters and setting, but in Quantum Leap I only loved the best of it, the rest bored me to death or even put me off. I stopped midway through season 3, because I simply had no desire to keep watching.

I loved Al though. And M.I.A. and The Leap Home two-parters were really, really great stories. I loved Andrea Thompson's character in the Vietnam one. There were also a lot of must-see episodes that were so deeply moving, but that made them very hard to watch for me. And a lot of memorable moments, like the ending of Honeymoon Express (that was unexpected). I am also still fantasizing about becoming a rock & roll DJ in the late 50s/early 60s. There was a lot to that show that I am happy to have seen.

But I can't bear to go through one hour of a creepy old man trying to get the attention of a young college girl while drooling over her in a near-obsession. And not just that, the situations Sam was put in made me uncomfortable in general. One thing I learned from that show is that I would not stand a minute in anyone else's skin.
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