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Re: MLB Season Discussion - 2013

The above is another example of how the Toronto media continues to coddle Jays manager John Gibbons, even as they are being spanked by the worst team in baseball in Houston on consecutive nights.

Many of them, including those employed by Rogers Sportsnet, coincidentally the team owner's channel, is saying "Oh, he's not playing on the field, it isn't his fault." But this team can't do anything right fundamentally. They can't hit, bunt, field. All it seems they can do is stupid celebrations. I'll give you an example: last night, Jose Bautista is in the dugout, he's injured, the team down by five plus runs, and he's fuckin' clowing around. If you are the leader of this team and they can't pull their head out of their asses against a team that is in a massive tear down stage of a rebuild, why aren't you on top of them on every mistake? Trying to coach them on their mistakes like a real leader would, because the coaching staff sure as hell isn't.

This team is trotted out as "Canada's Team." The team owners, Rogers, have them in commercials promoting their Cable and other services and having them do multiple stingers that make the players look like idiots. They are brought out again and again to do stupid interviews and skits with the local media, but you never see them actually practicing or trying to fix what is wrong. And when you have a manager that says "Oh shucks, well, I guess we'll get them next time" after a loss, it's just the cherry on top of the sundae.

People complain about the NHL's Maple Leafs not putting a winning product on the ice, but I think the Jays owners thought they'd be able to coast through this season, raking in the dough by saying "Oh look we brought in Reyes, Dickey, Johnson..." I haven't attended a game all year and wouldn't, if not for a friend's birthday party next weekend.

These players have the potential, they have the skill. What they need is someone who is going to hold them accountable to actually use that skill. Fire Gibbons now and start righting this ship now!
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