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Re: Futurama: An Appreciation

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Good thread, everyone.

I completely agree with everything you posted, digits (except that I like the better future of Star Trek ).
Oh, I like the future in Star Trek better, I just think the future in Futurama is far more likely.

Futurama is not only the best animated series ever, but one of the best series ever, period. The sheer amount of storytelling, characterization, themes, deeper meanings and the superhuman level of background detail is mind boggling. Oh, and it had comedy, too-- intelligent, lowbrow, pop cultural, historical, political, self-referential, character-based, slapstick-- they missed nothing.
Well said.

My TiVo is picking up several episodes today labeled "Fanarama". Does anyone know what this is? A fan chosen marathon of best episodes, perhaps? It doesn't give any description.
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