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Re: Old Star Trek TOS DVD's

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Not everyone immediately jumps onto the "gotta have the latest thing 'cause it's SOOO much better" wagon.
Immediately jumping? The latest thing? HD has been the standard for years now. It's not a fad that's going away.

You're acting like we're talking about 3d here. 3d is a terrible fad that is failing. HD is what every single major tv channel broadcasts in. Even spanish channels.

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Wow! This has become quite a discussion. I'm all for Blu-Ray versions of Star Trek, but not at the compromise of edited and/or deleted material. There is a simple way to tell which version DVD release as the unedited and uncut versions; simply check the running time. On all the old two-episode DVD's the shows run for 52 minutes. Last time I checked, the Blu-Ray versions were 47 minutes. That's a significant chunk of editing that I will not tolerate!

Where the heck are you getting your information from? I own the blu rays, I have checked the running times. Every single episode is around 52 minutes.
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