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Re: Old Star Trek TOS DVD's

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Wow! This has become quite a discussion. I'm all for Blu-Ray versions of Star Trek, but not at the compromise of edited and/or deleted material. There is a simple way to tell which version DVD release as the unedited and uncut versions; simply check the running time. On all the old two-episode DVD's the shows run for 52 minutes. Last time I checked, the Blu-Ray versions were 47 minutes. That's a significant chunk of editing that I will not tolerate!
You can't always believe running times. When the first widescreen VHS of ST:TMP came out, it was the theatrical version, but the box artwork mistakenly retained the longer running time of the "Special Longer Version" VHS.

The Blu-ray eps are the TOS episodes intact. There is absolutely no way those are missing five minutes of footage from each episode. However, remember that as each new-CGI ep was premiered on US TV, they were indeed trimmed to fit new commercial TV insert parameters. But they were definitely intact for the subsequent home entertainment DVDs.

Also, the stated 52-mins running times on the twin-packs may be a holdover of the old VHS three-packs, in which George Takei, James Doohan and Walter Koenig filmed special new introductions to each episode?

DoctorZ wrote: View Post
It may have also been possible that the first two-episode DVD releases of Star Trek included never before scene material from each episode too.
But that's not correct.

You are thinking about the eps as shown on 80s TV syndication, when local stations trimmed out scenes. When the eps first came out on DVD, some viewers were finally able to see scenes that had been missing for decades. Check the details of the trims in the old "The Nitpickers Guide to TOS" book by Phil Farrand.

As I recall there was only one release of the uncut Menagerie, on DVD, and that was shortly after it first aired on TV/Cable or whatever. It was a separate stand-alone DVD with two versions of the episode on it as well as other bonus material and cast interviews. I never bought it.
"The Cage" came out on sell-thru VHS, in a patched together version of the b/w workprint footage and the colour stuff from "The Menagerie" two-parter. And included an introduction by Gene Roddenberry, which included the revelation that the transporter pads from TOS had survived as part of the transporter room set for TNG.

After the huge publicity campaign about "The Cage"'s home video release, the original editor came up with the reel of colour trims that had been missing in his attic for decades, and an all-colour version was assembled for inclusion in the TV documentary, "A Star Trek Saga: From One Generation to the Next". It got a subsequent VHS release and both versions are on the DVDs and Blu-rays. (Supposedly the Blu-ray version has a very tiny trim missing that was accidentally left out when the masters were prepared.)

As for supposed cuts to "The Menagerie", remember that when two-parters are edited together into one presentation, the end credits of Part 1 and opening credits of Part 2, plus the "last week on 'Star Trek'" narration, are not required in the middle. So running times will vary.

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