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Re: Lindelof not writing next trek movie?

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So that would be no on Duane and almost on Foster. ( assuming one sees TOS and TAS as seperate shows)
It would be a "no" for both.

Duane wrote for TNG, not TOS.

Foster's TOS script was unproduced - and quite unknown until he mentioned it an essay for the most recent trade reprints of the "Logs" (it was the story about Captain Kumara, Cadet Kirk's former Klingon Exchange Program roommate) - and adapting TAS episodes for books, writing TAS-based audios and a "story by" credit on TMP wouldn't count as writing for TOS either.
Oops. Read it wrong. Some how I thought he had written a TAS episode. Still an almost, since it was written for Season 4 and shelved.
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