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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

1) This Is 40 - C+
2) Easy A - A-
3) The Bounty Hunter - B+
4) Crazy, Stupid, Love. - B-

5) What To Expect When You're Expecting - B+
6) Contagion - C

7) Identity Thief - A
8) We Bought A Zoo - A-

9) The Ides of March - B+
10) Top Gun - C+
11) It Could Happen To You - B+
12) Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close - A+
13) Mirror, Mirror - A
14) Seeking A Friend For The End Of The World - A
15) Inglorious Basterds - B+
16) Independence Day - B+
17) Star Trek – Into Darkness - B+

18) Kick-Ass - B
19) The Heat - B-
20) Monsters Inc. - B+
21) White House Down - B+
22) Saving Private Ryan - A

23) Air Force One - A-
24) MASH - B+

25) Airplane! - B+
26) The Island - B
27) Love, Actually - A-

Yes, it's a chick flick, but I think knowing that going in and expecting it to be awful helped increase it's grade when it surprised me.

There is real heart in this movie, unlike a lot of American made ones, where you just know that even if they fight, cheat, break-up with each other, they will get back together. Yes there is some of that here, but to even have a storyline like Alan Rickman and Emma Thompson's is groundbreaking, at least in my opinion. Showing that not everything perfect in a movie like this helped it out in my view.

But it also has some great humor. Martin Freeman and Joanna Page having small talk while doubling for sex scenes was perfect humor. And who doesn't love Rowan Atkinson?

Guys, if your girlfriend/wife is bugging you to watch a chick flick, make her throw this one in.
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