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Re: Opinions on the Following McCoy Centered Books

Reanok wrote: View Post
Wow! It's really hard to pick a favorite I also Like Doctor's Orders by Diane Duane and the Crucible Novel about McCoy is also really good.I really like A choice of Catastrophies & Dreams of the ravens. Also there's another McCoy novel about McCoy and his daughter Joanna Crisis on Brad Ferguson
All I remember about Crisis on Centaurus is that everybody keeps putting on and taking off their sunglasses (seriously).

One of my favorite McCoy-centric novels is The Romulan Way by Diane Duane. McCoy is sent to make contact with an undercover agent feared to have "gone native". It's a very good adventure story.

I loved the Crucible novel about McCoy. It's by far the best of the three.

Stoek wrote: View Post
Although technically not McCoy centered I would also reccomend Spock's World as it gives McCoy some of his finest moments especially when he gives an impassioned speech which elicits a surprising response from a Vulcan science officer of his acquaintance.
Absolutely! This is one of my favorite Star Trek books, ever. And the speech referred to gave me insights that apply to RL politics going on in Canada - if you try to break up a political/cultural entity, who profits?

Heck, just read all of Diane Duane's books. She couldn't write a bad Star Trek novel if she tried.
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