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Re: Old Star Trek TOS DVD's

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If you're a TOS purist as I am, this should be a no-brainer -- presenting TOS (again with all the original FX) as close to the quality of the 35mm film as possible, what the show really looks like but which TV was never before able to reveal. I don't care for most of the new FX, but 1) the new FX have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the remaster, and 2) I don't have to watch the episodes with the new FX.
Yeah, that's how I watch them too. And I agree that it is, in your words, absolutely stunning. When I watch the show in high definition it's like a great movie-going experience. The grain, the clarity, the rich colors, the crystal clear audio (always original mono audio track of course), it reminds me of going to the movies. But it's not some dumb movie. Instead, it's the best tv show of all time! Greatness.

When I watch it in standard definition it always feels like I'm missing out now. I guess this is how drug addicts feel when they go from low grade drugs to high grade drugs. It's the same drug, but it's so much more intense. Lol, a sick analogy, but it's true.

I also think the old effects hold up quite well in high definition and barely ever switch to the crappy CGI.

nice comparison pics: DVD Blu Ray

If you can't tell the difference in clarity, try blowing up the DVD picture to the same size as the Blu Ray Picture. Look at how much blurrier the DVD picture is. It's night and day. Notice the superior color timing. It's not as faded, the colors are richer. Of course the quality difference is even more noticeable in motion. The audio quality is also better.

Of course not everyone cares about these sorts of improvements. Nothing wrong with that. But it's a god send for those who appreciate the higher image and sound quality.
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