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I have always thought that Kim Newman's short story, Red Reign could be made into a movie. He later expanded the short story into the novel Anno Dracula.

The synopsis is

in this alternate fictional world, Count Dracula has killed Van Helsing and an injury sustained to Doctor John Seward's hand during a fight with Renfield resulted in the group lacking the men to drive Dracula away from Mina Hacker resulting in Dracula killing Quincey Morris and Jonathan Harker before escaping with Mina.

With no one to oppose him, Dracula turns Mina into a vampire, adding her to his collection of brides, and proceeds to spread his vampire curse creating thousands of undead throughout England. He soon seduces and marries Queen Victoria ushering in a period of increasing British vampire domination. Dracula is well-advanced in imposing a police state on Great Britain, where dissenters may be jailed or impaled without trial.

Jack the Ripper stalks Whitechapel murdering vampire prostitutes. Charles Beauregard, a (non-vampire) agent of the Diogenes Club, is sent to track the murderer down, and finds himself enmeshed in a plot to free England from Dracula's rule.
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