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Re: Old Star Trek TOS DVD's

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Blu-ray disc prices have dropped a lot the past few years.

For me, $34.00 for the first season of TOS in HD is totally worth it. C'mon - it's like a dollar an episode - and it's the best of Star Trek has ever been.
And it's still money spent for little gain when I can spend it elsewhere for greater gain, like maybe getting something I don't already have.

Then again I can just not spend anything---a wise option presently since I'm between jobs and in no hurry to burn through my savings until I have a regular income again.
1. Good job being rational instead of just buying the new thing b/c it is the new thing. We really should weigh our purchases for utility more. (Not a slam to you Blu folks - if you are truly happier as you watch your Trek now, good for you.)

2.Sorry to hear about the straightened circumstances, Warped. I am beaming you positive wishes and regards for what it's worth.
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