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Re: Star Trek Maps (1980)

I'm kind of trying to do that. FASA's map seems to be slightly scrambled 1/3 scale version of ST Maps. I just upgraded to, and am learning it. I'm trying to copy maps into a black & white map, add in the FASA worlds not already on it, move the Tholians near the Klingons because of the Vanguard novels, and add in various stuff from the novels.

The FJ Tech Manual Map has the UFP as 7 parsec radius, with a 4750PC treaty exploration zone, and the Klingons & Romulans rimward. ST Maps is 240PC, Klingons & Romulans rimward, Gorn & Tholians trailing. The Pleiades & Taurus dark cloud are inside the UFP treaty zone. FASA shrank that to about 80PC, so those stellar objects would be on the other side of Klingon space. Star Charts rotated the adversaries to trailing, and the UFP is about 100 light year radius at that point, with the Pleiades and Taurus cloud over 100LY outside UFP space in the TNG era.
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