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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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The ship was tumbling end over end, the internal gravity was not compensating either enough, or at all, not changing the direction of "up" so that no matter how the ship twisted, it kept applying gravity as if it weren't, gyroscopically speaking.
No, if the ship was tumbling, they would feel centrifugal forces away from the center of rotation. People wouldn't be "falling" all in the same direction (i.e. toward Earth).

Don't bother defending the scene. It was completely absurd.
No where near the most eye rolling in the franchise or even in the film era.
I find the endless turboshaft in TFF much more eyerolling, along with Scotty bonking his head.

The Enterprise falling out of orbit when they were out of power TOS (if it was in a stable orbit initially, it wouldn't need power to stay there).

Janeway and Paris turning into lizards.

Just few. Trek has never been high art, or scientifically accurate.
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