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Re: Why do some people so passionately hate Rod Roddenberry?

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I can understand Rod Roddenberry for wanting to better know who Gene was, because he was around 17 when the man died. I was 19 when my Dad died, I was attending college and living at home, and then suddenly I was legally an orphan (due to the under 21 laws at that time). Similarly, my biggest regret is I never had a chance to talk to my father while as an adult, and learn from his advice, perhaps avoiding many mistakes I've made in the last 40 years. There's nothing wrong with Rod trying to earn money from the franchise. I'm in possession of poems my mother wrote before she died in 1965. I keep debating whether to make them publicly available. I really know nothing about her at all except she was a 17 year old from a large family when she married.
Young people can't understand that as you get older you tend to look at your parents in a different way. Time and experience leads you to understand more of the things that your parents did when they were younger. They will see that in themselves in their daily lives, and they will either laugh or be horrified.

As I grow older, my father and I have more things in common than we did when I was growing up. My dad and I had a strained relationship for a lot of years, but with me in my 50s and he in his 70s, we're working to make it as good as it can be.

It's hard to explain, but rest assured that whatever you're going though there's someone nearby who can understand and help. But before they can help you, you have to be patient with them and help them understand.

I would bet that Rod is searching for his dad through his dad's work.

If people don't agree, that's ok. I'm just throwing that out there for those who don't have a good relationship with their parents and might want to make it better.

Rod maybe didn't get to resolve all the stuff with Gene, but whatever he needs to do to get closure is ok with me.

Of course, if your parents were child molesters or mass murderers none of this applies.
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