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Re: Alternative Factor - Worst Episode Ever?

I really enjoy "Spock's Brain" and "Requiem for Methuselah" for their music scores and beautiful women.

I kind of enjoy "Whom Gods Destroy" and "The Way to Eden" along those lines as well.

"Assignment: Earth", "The Mark of Gideon", and "The Cloud Minders" are almost good.

But everyone has a different list of clunkers. The lower-tier episodes I'm less fond of, from least bad to most awful, are:

"Friday's Child" - Love-it-or-hate-it music score for the planet-side scenes is too heavy for me; men wearing carpets.

"The Alternative Factor" - Confusing and dumb.

"Plato's Stepchildren" - Embarrassing.

"The Savage Curtain" - Give me a break.

"And the Children Shall Lead" - The worst.
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