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Re: Amazon sale on Star Trek Books

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One of the reasons I haven't started buying e-books is because I don't feel you get a good deal on them. You can't sell it at a yard-sale and you can't buy a used one. I don't often see good discounts on them. It was no surprise to me to hear there was price fixing going on.

I have a nook mostly for free e-books and library books, but I am mostly a paper guy. I am getting rid of a lot of my books because they are taking up space and I am using the library more. Star Trek books often don't come to my library for a long time if ever, so they are the one type of book I often buy these days.
Kindle editions are almost always far cheaper for hardcovers. For paperbacks it goes back and forth. Something they're 10 cents up/down. These paperbacks are $3-$4 cheaper. I switched to kindle editions for pb releases to save shelf space but since these physical books, so far, are far cheaper I'll clear some space out and have the whole dead-tree set all in a row.
I'm glad to see there are some good deals on e-books. Last time I looked I didn't think they were that much cheaper considering they don't have to print it, or ship it and you cannot sell it at a yard sale or go buy a used one at Goodwill.
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