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Re: Why do some people so passionately hate Rod Roddenberry?

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Didn't Star Trek teach us better than to hate?
Picard and the Borg.

Picard out and out hates the Borg. He knew from his own experiences that once assimilated a drone could be rescued and "de-assimilated," inspite of that he still killed the Enterprise crewman on the floor being assimilated. Picard in his own mind did him a favor.

Leave no man behind (unless they're being assimilated).

I wasn't saying that no character in Star Trek ever hated anyone, but I see your point. What I meant was Star Trek often had messages of getting along and giving people the benefit of the doubt. When I see haters I think I see people who didn't get the point of Star Trek and maybe they're the type of fan who just love the space battles
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