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Re: Old Star Trek TOS DVD's

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I just don't understand your position at all.
I'm happy with the DVD sets I have (circa 2006 or thereabouts). I can't justify spending the money to buy something yet again for a little extra resolution.

What I have presently satisfies we whenever I want to watch a TOS episode and they're sufficient whenever I need a screencap for one of my photomanips. TOS is my favourite overall series ever, but I draw the line when it comes to expressing my fan interest. Speaking only for myself it's folly to spend money for something I already have and for little gain. If I didn't already have the DVD sets or they were stolen or lost somehow (heaven forbid) then it would make sense to get the Blu-Ray sets even though I have no interest in TOS-R. But as it stands I don't have the incentive or justification to spend that money.
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