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Re: To read next: Voyager, New Frontier, or Typhon Pact

Voyager is really a stand-alone story. Full Circle and Unworthy do expand on threads from Destiny (since Voyager has to play catch up from where we had last seen it in 2378 in Spirit Walk Book 2), but from there on out Voyager is on its own, and I believe that it has actually fallen behind in terms of the where it is in the 2380's compared to where TNG, DS9 and the other books are. There have been a few mentions of the Typhon Pact, but they are so indistinct that it's like if you were in the military of the US or Canada. Sure the border disputes related to the after events of 9/11 and the increased security at the borders are in the news, but for you, whether you are in Afghanistan or Iraq, those disputes do not matter since you need to concentrate on the mission at hand.

Losing The Peace, kicks off the Typhon Pact arc after Destiny & A Singular Destiny.

I've only read a few New Frontier novels, so I'm not too sure where they've ended up. The last "new" New Frontier novel I read was #12 Being Human, and I still have the books after it, but I'm not too sure what happens past then.
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