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Re: Making a Star Trek series that fits in with today's TV landscape

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... and more of an edge then say, Voyager had.
Perhaps less the show have a edge, and instead have one or two of the main Starfleet officers have a edge to them.

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... sex-crazed ...
While staying away from this, it would be good idea to show that some of the new main characters were capable of having a average normal long term relationship. Star Trek historically has been pretty piss poor in this area.

DS9 was a bit better at this than the others.


Friends and I were discussing how to handle continuity in a new series and the idea was raised to not completely disregard what came before, but to (to a degree) de-emphasize it. Push the Federation, the Council, Earth, "the academy," into the rarely mentioned background as much as possible.

The emphasis would focus on the crew, the ship, the mission, the adventure. Starfleet would be there backing them up, but even that would be distant.

More forwards, less backwards.

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