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To read next: Voyager, New Frontier, or Typhon Pact

Hi all -- I read the great "Charting the Novel-verse" thread, but I had a question that's maybe a little more specific.

I am just about to finish reading the Destiny trilogy. Eventually, I want to read all the Kirsten Beyer Voyager books, the recent post-After the Fall New Frontier books, and also TNG: Losing the Peace, Singular Destiny, and then the Typhon Pact books.

I heard there's a little shared reference between TNG: Losing the Peace and Voyager: Full Circle, and also that Singular Destiny affects Voyager: Full Circle and Unworthy. Can I read Losing the Peace, Singular Destiny, and then the Voyager books before I read the Typhon Pact books and still know everything that's going on, or do the Voyager books refer to Typhon Pact (even insignificantly) such that I should read the Typhon Pact books entirely before the Voyager books?

Same question for New Frontier -- do they complete stand alone after Destiny, or should I read the Typhon Pact books before the final New Frontier books (if they refer to the Typhon Pact, I'd like to have read those books and know what the Pact is before I read the references).

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