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Re: Would you rather?

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Would you rather dance to Isn't It Romantic? (Data's Day) or jam to 'Round Midnight (Image in the Sand)?
Since this question got skipped, I'll give a go: Isn't It Romantic. I can barely dance at all, so I'd need a slow song.

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Would you rather have Kes or Tom Paris as your medical assistant (assuming you're the Chief Medical Officer)?
I'd say Kes. She'd be more willing to help out, do the dirty jobs, and not challenge everything.

If you were being held prisoner, who (or is it whom?) would you rather have as your jailer: Worf, Odo, Chakotay, or Reed?
Odo, who might have the better sense of humor (even if it's at my expense).

On a road trip to Vegas, who would you rather have drive: Wesley or Nog?
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