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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Just noticed a possible bug on the S3 blu ray #4.

If I watch the first episode "The Offspring" until after the end of the credits, it jumps back to an "empty" main menu! Everything is gone!!
Plus, all menu buttons of the remote control are disabled.
Didn't find another way than to open the tray and load the whole disc again.
Can anyone confirm that please by watching the end credits of that episode? Maybe it's just my player (Panasonic)...
Yes, I recall having that issue the first time I viewed "The Offspring" as well. Interestingly though, I can't seem to reproduce the error right now! On either my PS3 or Panasonic BD75. Go figure. It may simply be as SpHeRe31459 says above.
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