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Re: Enterprise, Star Trek Falling On It's Own Bat'Leth!

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It didn't help that the first contact with Klingons occurred in the very first episode, and was about 50 years earlier than had been suggested in the other shows. Then that the first contact with them didn't trigger all the conflict we'd been led to believe.
The idea that Klingon first contact came 50 years prior to TOS was from a line in the "Day of the Dove" script, which never made it to air. It somehow found it's way into the 1993 Star Trek Chronology, despite being contradicted on-screen by Picard's comment in "First Contact" that Klingon first contact was "centuries ago". But then Picard said that first contact was a disaster which led to decades of war which led to the decision to surveil aliens before making contact, none of which happened in "Broken Bow"...
I still think ENT's take on Klingon first contact fits perfectly fine with what we were told in "First Contact." Because of humanity, the Klingons infected themselves with a super-virus that might have killed their entire species and permanently disfigured a large number of them. I'd say that's plenty of cause for distrust and animosity leading to decades of conflict.
That was a disaster. Pretty much every contact between the Klingons and the humans in the 22nd Century went badly. That probably didn't lead to the Klingons being too friendly with the UFP either.

Of course who to say if it was human or even Federation first contact with the Klingons Picard was talking about. The origins of the surveillance, then contact rule might be a Vulcan concept that carried over into the Federation. The centuries of war might have been a Vulcan vs Klingon conflict. Enterprise and ST: First Contact would seem to support the idea the Vulcans liked to use surveillance when encountering new species.
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