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Re: Smart/cellphones And Modern Life..

The one scene where everyone was initially talking and then turn to their smartphones with a lone person sitting there silently was eerily familiar.

When my colleagues and me are on our lunch break it's often enough quite similar. First we eat and then most of us turn to their phones and start their business. Sometimes if there is an interesting enough topic so we talk and the smartphones are left on the table but most of the time there isn't.

We have a cell phone ban in the office but i regularly see people checking their phones(including my teamleader who should be enforcing the ban and is usually a stickler for rules) and i honestly don't get it.

What is so damn important that they feel the need to break the rules (as idiotic the reasoning is) just to see if someone posted something on Whatsapp or Facebook? Can't people go a few hours without being constantly updated?

I don't feel the need to check my phone on an hourly basis. People know that when iÄm at work i'm doing my job and most things can't be that important to warrant an immediate reaction.. if i'm expecting an important message or call i tell so but that's rare (and i usually give my office phoen number so people can be sure i pick up immediately).

Another thing is a coworker whom i pickup up in the morning and drive home after work because it's on my way and he doesn't own a car. As soon as we are in my car he whips out the phone and checks for messages.. everytime. I'm not annoyed by it in any meaningful way but it's interesting to see how dependent some people have become to their phones and the constant need to check things which are for the most part very trivial (things like videos or funny pictures).

It baffles me most of the time.
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