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Re: Star Trek Voyager: Protectors by Kirsten Beyer, Jan 2014!

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I often cast people as characters in books, but I've never considered "recasting" someone already portrayed on screen. Interesting option.
It's not something I've ever done before, or would normally have even considered - the screen portrayals are pretty definitive !

It's just that with Janeway I've never got over my dislike. It's not only the erratic way she was written - I've overlooked that enough times with other characters. I have an aversion to Kate Mulgrew. The voice, the hairstyle(s), the condescension. Much of it may well be in my own head, but it's there for me !

I like the way Kirsten has written Janeway and that could be part of the reason that when I saw her photo my subconscious blurted out 'She looks like she could've been 'that' Janeway' !

I hope that's not in any way 'weird' to Kirsten, it's just a thought that popped up unbidden...
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