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Re: Europa moon Lander mission - science

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Part of the problem with NASA today is that it gets so little bang for the buck
Even Bergin has admitted that SLS has been making progress. It is great bang for the buck. Now F-35 at 1.5 trillion life cycle costs--that is what needs cutting.

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See this is your big misconception. I am not arguing from a point of "putting people out of work".
Well that is what it would result in.

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NASA should not be a jobs program. You want to keep those people in work? Make space cheaper and open up the market.
I disagree. I think in house capability should be maintained regardless of whatever caprices the market endues. You might as well talk about privatizing the Air Force.

For the last time capability is not "pork", its capability. Once it is gone--it's gone.

I don't see Musk testing F-1s, I see NASA doing it under SLS. I want independant capability outside of the market--the market be damned.

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I truly don't understand your obsession with Huge launch vehicles.
I don't understand your obsession with the market always being the best path. I got news for you--it isn't.

Market forces actually make things MORE expensive, not less. Case in point, the failure of the Very Light Jet, and Santorum's Accu-weather bill:

The call to wreck NASA's in-house capability is just as wrong-headed for the same reason.

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You know, I don't have a problem with HLV's. I have a problem with overly costly HLV's that waste money.
It isn't "overly costly." It costs what it costs. Any space capability is going to be expensive. MCT will be expensive. In the DoD there are cost overruns --but that is simply to be expected. I want to see a Bering Strait Bridge myself. That would be pretty steep too, but it is good infrastructure.

Now with F-35, which drones will soon make obsolete--that is a matter all unto
itself. I could launch the Battlestar Galactica with what that will cost us. THAT is your waste of money.

As for me, I'll side with Carolyn Porco.

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