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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #14 Too Late

Although it was customary to see Starfleet security running in the corridor to reach the nearest incident call, it was unusual to see three worried officers running in the corrider at break neck speed to their destination. When they had seen the memorial ship through the windows of the station looking out into orbit that it was still docked for public access, they had slackened their pace on their approach, but when there was no security personnel at the desk of the entry port, they had increased with haste again, bucking down the entryway to board the ship.

Sure enough, two Starfleet security personnel were lying face down just around the corner of the entrance to the ship. Jay Patterson and Bobby Blake watched both ends of the corriders for the attackers as Warren checked the conditions of their fallen comrades. Warren tapped his combadge, and announced by way of the station's security system, "Security! Two security officers are down by the entry way onboard the Memorial Ship, Prometheus! They may need medical attention!" As Warren was saying this, Bobby saw something on the floor and picked it up and brought it over for Warren to see. There were two smashed combadges.

"Jiggle one to see whom it belongs to," came a voice over the combadge.

Warren placed his thumb on one combadge and jiggled the top of it to see if it would send out a signal and asked, "Anything?" Dispatch replied that to the negative. "Trying the other,"Warren announced, and then he jiggled it.

"That belongs to Counselor Corsinca!" Dispatch replied in alarm, "I'll be sending everybody available over there right now!"

"Scan the ship for a Vulcan!" Warren commanded the dispatch.

"That's an affirmative!" replied the dispatch. There was a momentary silence as he imagined the time needed to conduct that scan. It did seem too long. Finally the dispatch replied, "I CAN'T! There's some kind of a dispersal field at various parts of the ship!"

"WHERE?!!" Warren cried out to dispatch.

"It's ALL OVER! There's TOO MANY!" the dispatch yelled in exasperation. Apparently, he was worrying about the well being of the counselor too.

"Where is it heavy at?" Warren asked as he tried to calm down in the hopes that the dispatcher will too.

"The Bridge... Main Engineering... and Sick Bay..." came the answer.

"They may be taking the ship now!" Warren reported, "Inform all available ships to be ready for pursuit!" Then Warren stood up and pointed to Bobby, "Engineering.." and Bobby took off running to far end of the deck to the turbo lift that would take him down into Engineering, and then Warren pointed to Jay, "Sick Bay.." and he took off running on this level to the Sick Bay. Then Warren ran for the turbolift near by to go to the Bridge which he believed the culprits will likely be, "Dispatch..." he called once again, "keep our combadges open between us and my two officers. I want to know the minute either one of them is in trouble."

"Affirmative," and soon the combadges were sharing the sounds of rapid footfalls and heavy breathings to Warren's ears besides his own. He entered the turbo lift and was on his way to the bridge.

He could hear Jay entering Sick Bay and announced, "Nobody here, but the EMH!" then he could be heard running again out of Sick Bay, "Coming to join you on the Bridge, Warren!"

"Wait!" Warren cried out, "Wait, Jay!" They may have placed the Counselor under sedation and may be in suspended animation in one of those medical storage units!"

Warren could hear Jay stop in his track and yelled, "YEAH! AND WHY was the EMH activated TOO!??" By the time Warren had reached the Bridge, Jay had re-entered Sick Bay. Warren had his phaser out, peered around the corner from both sides within the turbo lift, but saw no one while Jay asked the EMH over his combadge, "How were you activated?"

"I was activated the moment you had stepped into my Sick Bay, "the EMH replied which sounded off to Warren.

"Has anybody been in this Sick Bay with Counselor Corsinca?" Jay inquired as Warren listened intently while he steeped unto the bridge to see the blind spots of the bridge from the turbo lift.

"Who?" the EMH asked in an incredulous tone of voice.

"Never mind!" Jay commanded as he could be heard running out of Sick Bay again.

"Jay," Warren said plainly over the combadge, "if they can set up a dispersal field over most of the ship..."

The sounds of Jay running in the corridor stopped again, and said in an exapserated tone of voice, "... they may have commanded the EMH to forget she was ever placed there. Gotcha ..." as the sounds of him running back into Sick Bay and commanding the computer to deactivate the EMH. Then Warren heard him say, "...checking the medical storage units right now!"

"There's nobody on the Bridge!" Warren informed as he checked over the ship's activities. "Jay! Join Bobby in Engineering!" Warren heard Jay stop, turn around, and started running the other way. He was over the security's station and saw the same dispersal fields spread all across the ship's schematics. He looked for something out of place and spotted five tricorders seemingly placed innocently about the Bridge. He picked up one, opened it, and confirmed his suspicion that it was running while closed and sending out a dispersal field. He turned it off, announcing to the rest, "They are using our tricorders to send out those dispersal fields. Turn them off if you spot any."

Warren heard Jay and Bobby acknowledge this as he went over to the second tricorder to turn that off. He heard Bobby board the turbo lift finally to go down into Engineering. By the time he turned off the fourth tricorder, he heard Bobby get off of the turbo lift in Main Engineering. When Warren was about to turn off the fifth tricorder, he had thought of something. "Heading to Sick Bay.."

"Why?" Jay announced with exasperation, "I was just there!"

"Getting a medical tricorder to scan the forensics off of these tricorders to ascertain the identify of the person that has done this."

By the time Jay had reached the far end of the ship to board the turbo lift to Engineering, Warren had reached Sick Bay. He got the medical tricorder out and scanned the tricorder that was on the bridge. Then he ran a computer comparison with security medical records for immediate identification.

Then Warren heard the voice of Admiral Barone coming over the combadge, "It's belonging to the Counselor, right?" the way he said it with much convistion that he aired his discontent with a grunt over the combadge. Then it sounded like the admiral changed his tone, "Those clever bastards probably made the Counselor handle them and did what they had asked of her."

That eased Warren's peace of mind a little bit, and then he informed the admiral in correcting him, "that is not the case, Admiral Barone. The scan indicated that Lieutenant Enow was the one that had placed the tricorders."

The admiral grunted, "I bet he did! He lives on this ship! We got evidence that he is a traitor for sure! He knew Starfleet Intelligence was getting too close! He had just given an aberrational resignation this morning!" then he paused in containing his outbursts, "I am boarding with my personal security team right now to join up with you all in Main Eng....", and then there was a sound of a barrage of phasers over the combadges, "DISPATCH! Discontinue OPEN COMMUNICATION at once!" yelled the admiral.

Warren dropped the medical tricorder he was holding and ran out into the corridor with his phaser ready and on stun. It sounded like a battle out there. He ran towards the sounds of decreasing phaser fires as he saw the attackers finally as they were finishing up the remainder of the Admiral's personal security force that managed to get onboard. Then they vanished. He saw the admiral being guarded by what was left of his security team as they rushed him out of the passageway unto the station. For one brief moment, his eyes locked on with the admiral's whom was looking back. "Get OUT OF THERE, ARCHER!" warned the Admiral over his combadge, "Holograms are masqerading as security! THEY are the ones that were ATTACKING US!"

Warren leaned down to check the pulse on one. He could tell that they were all alive. He tapped his combadge. "While I am still standing, Sir," Warren declared, "I am going to rescue the Counselor!" Then he bolted for the far end of the ship to take the turbo lift to Main Engineering.

"DAMN IT, ARCHER!" Warren could hear the Admiral over the combadge, "ALL OF YOU! JOIN HIM!" He had just ordered his security team to go back onboard the ship. "Computer! Prepare to enter my command code for the Prometheus to deactivate all of the holo emitters on that ship!" and then the admiral ran off a series of numbers and small words representing letters for the station's computer to remotely deactivate the holo-emitters on that ship.

He could hear the security team running down the corrider behind him in catching up with him. By the time Warren had reached the turbo lift. "Archer!" came the voice of Bobby Blake over the combadge, "I spotted the Counselor and another Vulcan female unidentified boarding the turbo lift from Engineering. They seem to be running away from us."

"Well with a holographic simulation of a security team attacking us, can you blame them?!!" Archer replied as he could hear the turbo lift going past his level. "They went to the next level above me!!"

"This is Commander Lawrence, " came the station's commander's voice over the combadges, "Admiral Barone had given me direct access to the holo programs on that ship. It was Enow that had actually programmed a security team to keep Admiral Barone off of the ship. He is a confirmed traitor and is to be dealt with extreme prejudice to protect the Counselor at all cost."

The admiral's security team shoved Archer aside to board the turbo lift. Archer could understand them getting personal about this, but he wanted to save the Counselor. As the turbo lift was full and another set of the team ready to board it that would still leave no room for him, Warren went for another turbo lift while they were all still fuming to not notice him doing so or thinking of it also.

He boarded the turbo lift on the PORT side and went up a level. He heard the Counselor and that Vulcan female crying out for Enow as if they were searching desperately to find him on this level. He tried to make sense of this. Was the Counselor trying to save her would be captor, Enow? Are they trying to reason with a Vulcan? Or was he an unwilling participant in this diabolical plot somehow? Could the ones pulling the strings have a loved one of his as ransom to commit this crime? Archer could not escape the level of concern that the Counselor and this Vulcan young lady were voicing in this corridor as he was gaining on the fleeing ladies. He had raced to catch up to them on the Starboard side of the ship where a forcefield blocked their way in the corridor from touching Enow. "Why are you doing this?!!" the Counselor pleaded as she lightly touched the forcefield seperating them in the corrider, and she so wanted to touch him to get to know him and for him to know her and her love for her brother even if he could not experience those feelings in loving her in return as the kolinahruu had done in "damaging" her brother.

"YOU ARE MY BROTHER, ENOW!!!" screamed the other Vulcan female, and then she screamed louder, "YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!"

"We LOVE YOU, Enow!" the Counselor declared, "STAY IN STARFLEET! We can work out whatever it is that is troubling YOU!! We can prevent your death!!"

Still dressed in his Starfleet uniform, Enow just looked at them, dispassionately with his arms behind his back. There was that look of resignation in his eyes as if he was tired of running. Then he raised his right hand in that Vulcan fashion, and said signalling with his fingers, "Live long and prosper.." then he turned around and walked away.

"No.. " Lee Ann cried out softly as he walked away.

"No... " echoed the Counselor in sentiment as the memory of the prophetic dream was coming into place.

Enow was about to round the bend in the corridor which would take him out of sight when two phasers fired, vaporizing him from their view, and then the two Vulcan ladies performed simultaneously, an aberrational behaviour as of result which sent a chill down Warren Archer's spine.

They had given a blood curdling scream.

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