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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Arturis of the Delta Quadrant.
B is for Beta Stromgren. Where Gomtuu went to commit suicide.
C is for Cyrus Redblock, archnemesis of Dixon Hill.
D is for Double Dumbass on You, well crafted colorful metaphor.
E is for the Enterprise-C.
F is for Feringinar rainy seasons. Apparently they last year round.
G is for Gary Mitchell.
H is for Hardly Noticeable, as in Worf's Gorch
I is for Ilia's accent.
J is for Jumja Stick, sticky and sweet.
K is for the Klingon D12 Bird-of-Prey, officially decommissioned around 2351 because of widespread defective plasma coils.
L is for Ligonian deathmatch.
M is for Mirror Universe, which is supposed to be an alternate universe, but their Captain O'Brien seems as nice as our Chief O'Brien.
N is for Nanoprobe Injection Tubules.
O is for Open Impulse Vent. Through which the cloud creature gained entry into the ship's ventilation system. So the ship's impulse engines are connected to the shipwide ventilation system?
P is for Pakled pulchritude.
Q is for Quark's... You should come, it's fun!
R is for Romulan Ale....still illegal four or five years after the Federation and Romulans joined forces as allies in the Dominion War.
S is for Seven of Nine's........well.....Everything!
T is for the Tellurians, yet another T race that sounds kinda like all the others.
U is for uniforms for male captains that always seem to be too fragile. They always rip. I'd like to see a female uniform rip that severely.
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