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Re: Poll: Would you prefer to see a movie in 3D or 2D?

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I was interested in a passage from this article indicating that 3D is losing popularity:
I'll admit the 3D fad has lasted a lot longer than I originally expected, but it still seems to be just a fad.
That last bit is more than a tad patronising about "foreign" audiences. I know over here, at least, they've been pushing 3D hard, putting 2D showings on at difficult times, so the main times when audiences will show up the only version on offer is the 3D version. Couple of films with 1 early showing in 2D per day and 3D the rest of the day.
I agree about the last part being patronising. Remember Widescreen TV's were the norm in places like the UK years before the US, Most films were released on DVD in OAR and on VHS you could get either WS or Pan and Scan versions. So perhaps it's a case that other markets are quicker to embrace changes than the US.

Does it really matter so long as both are offered. If I choose to spend a little extra to see a film in 3D is my choice. The biggest rip-off however is not so much at the cinema but for BR release. That's where they ovecharge you.
No, it doesn't really matter as long as you can choose which you see, though actually in someways yes it does, because if you have 2 and 3d showings you end up having fewer screens for films to play on so you're likely to miss a film because there's no space in the cinema for them.
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