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Re: Europa moon Lander mission - science

I apologize for that. It is old history and goes way back. Ironically the hottest threads in Phil Plait's old bautforum-site are the Real Space forums--even more so than the Moon-Hoax-Believers.

The ugliest fight was between Korolov and Glushko, two actual Soviet Chief designers who had a beef over propellants. Then too, there was this previous history with Gulags, who ratted on whom, etc.

But it is good that people are passionate over spaceflight--it shows that people care. My beef with the poster above is that he--and others--want to put MSFC out of work. We are finally getting new life to a lot of Saturn test facilities and getting old infrastructure and capabilities back.

You would think people would be happy.

But we have enough negative male energy.

I am more interested in what you have to say. BTW One of my heros is Carolyn Porco:

She wrote a wonderful article in supporting the now defunct Ares V:

The folks who are trying to kill SLS now are the same people that got that even more capable LV killed. And what is more--they were very, very, ugly to her.

So I haven't had a lot of use for them for that reason alone.

She is, however, quite capable of fighting back:

So her calls for larger LV growth to enable Europa missions are to be listened to--not belittled and ignored by the usual suspects.

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