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Re: Star Trek Falcon - Episode one: Spread your wings

@Sgt_G: yeah, I know. Some stories are unreadable because of the errors. It's really too bad there are so few fanfiction writers who care, it gives fanfiction a bad name. (that and weird pairings... -_- ) I hate it when people give me strange looks when I say I write fanfiction and I have to spend about an hour explaining I don't do weird pairings.

@CeJay: Thanks for the comment. Emma is one of my favorite characters from this story as well and I plan on keeping her just as clumsy, cheerful and happy as she is. There will be more on the plot for the rest of the season in later scenes of this episode. There also will be more technical details on the USS Falcon later on.

I've almost finished chapter three and in that chapter I used paragraph breaks to distinguish dialogue. I'll also go back and change the other two chapters when I have the third up.
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