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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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An additional thought as I continue a watch through of TNG, you know who handles this situation exactly right?
Data - in Gambit. He sees a problem with the way Worf, as first officer is acting, and takes him aside to talk to him. He is even considers the situation enough to appologise if their friendship has been been ended due to his actions.
though when stating that Riker never openly opposed the captains orders he forgets Rikers actions towards Jellico to be fair.
Well, he did say "Captain Picard" but I agree, Data displays in that scene perhaps the most considerate attitude of just about any Trek captain ever, which works out well for him as Worf understands, & they have a longstanding relationship to their mutual benefit.

It's a technique which gave Data considerably more difficulty with Hobson on the Sutherland however. Unwelcomed commands coming from new commanders can meet resistance & sometimes the captain has to just tell the XO the shut it or find a new job, if it persists

Riker was nothing if not persistent in his resistance to Jellico
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