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Re: "You should have heard him defend you.." - really??

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A guy that singlehandedly saved Earth.

And by proxy, every other Federation planet from a terrorist from the fucking future. A terrorist that took out the most powerful member planet of the UFP.

The terrorist that made his way to Earth and crippled all other ships by activating their defense grid prefix codes.

And he is to be demoted and sent back to the academy because some facepainted rolled up poster worshipping natives saw "a starship rising out of their oceans!".

Then later, Admiral Robocop has the gall to tell Kirk that Pike was defending him. Whoa! If anything, the UFP + the Feds + every Federation member sentient species should be beholding Kirk to the highest of honors.

Don't mind me. Just that particular aspect of STID really buggered me.

Kirk's a fucking hero and savior of the Feds. Show some fucking respect!
They didn't bust him for violating the Prime Directive.

They busted him for lying about it on his reports. Hero or not, that's a BIG time no-no.
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