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Re: Enterprise, Star Trek Falling On It's Own Bat'Leth!

I gave up on Enterprise during its original run (though, honestly, that had way more to do with me being busy with night classes during its weekly broadcast than anything else, this was before I had anything like a DVR). I bought TOS (still the best of the shows, I have come to realize) and DS9 (the best of the spinoffs, and different enough to avoid direct comparisons anyway) on DVD as they were released and have been watching them regularly ever since.

Earlier this year I wanted to get another series so I didn't end up watching TOS and DS9 to death (likely still a possibility, though). Voyager was never a contender (sorry, fans, half the cast annoys me and chief among them is Seven of Nine, so, that was never going to work out). At first I was leaning towards TNG but... yikes. I agree with whoever it was that said it has not held up at all. It has a handful of standout episodes, most of which it seems are clustered within only one of its seven broadcast seasons (the third, to erase all doubt) but the average TNG episode is boring enough to put me right to sleep.

So I went with Enterprise and have been pretty pleasantly surprised. It's not without its flaws but I'd say it's much better than it has been made out to be, including in my own estimation in many years. I'd rank it third, after TOS and DS9 and ahead of Voyager and TNG. I do still like the movie "First Contact", though.
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