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Re: Moffat Talks 13th, sorry, 12th Doctor

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While that explanation does make sense, it doesn't really explain Madame Kovarian's attitude towards the Doctor or why she describes her conflict with him as an "endless, bitter war." Killing him to prevent a tragedy? Sure, I get that. But why does she (corrected by quoter) treat him like a villain?
That's what I've wanted to know. The Silence I could buy (barely) as doing the wrong things for the right reasons. But Frances Barber played her character as someone who had a VERY personal grudge against the Doctor. The sheer venom in her voice speaking to him almost made me think she was somehow a post-Library River who'd gone psychotic and essentially (with the Silence's help) created herself. (And boy, wouldn't that have put Amy's execution of her in Wedding in a different light.) I hope somebody gets around to explaining who she is, and what the Doctor did to her/will do to her to make her so desperately hate him.
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