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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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I still tend to think that Riker, as both the enforcer of the Captains orders and the liaison between the crew and Captain, had been made a part of the loop with Admiral Nachev and Jellico he would have acted differently. He would have told Geordi, to get it done and if Geordi needed more men he would go to Jellico to ask for more men for Engineering. I think he was experienced enough to have had the argument about a captured Picard in private.
Riker was "in the loop" by virtue of being the XO on the ship and required by duty to execute the captain's orders. There's absolutely nothing going on in this episode that prevents Riker from doing his job -- unless you're saying that Riker's difficulty in following orders stemmed from the fact that he wasn't included in high level discussions about the situation when Jellico and Nachaev discussed the mission. If that's the case, however, he shouldn't be working at a replimat, let alone on a starship.

Also I think think Jellico exploited Data. Data doesn't lie unless the situation calls for it. And Jellico needed a "yes man" as his XO. Riker couldn't fit that role, especially since he was out of the loop.
Yes, Jellico indeed exploited Data's ability to follow orders and tell the truth. In other words - Jellico was utilizing the second officer's ability to be an effective XO since the actual XO wasn't actually interested in doing his job as long as Jellico was there.
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