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What's The Frequency Kenneth?

Leonardo DiCaprio plays William Tager, a futuristic convict from the year 2265, who's roped into a dimensional shifting experiment, by Earth Vice-President Kenneth Burrows (Russell Crowe), under the promise of early parole, and ends up in an alternate dimension in the year 1986, trying to complete his mission before the countdown communications being transmitted to a receiver in his head expire, and he is forever trapped out of time & dimension

When it becomes clear there are others from his dimension there working against him, he fights against them, only to end up in jail when the deadline passes. After being released, & being completely unsuccessful in finding a way home, Tager is still crippled by continual transmissions. Upon watching CBS News, Tager recognizes news anchor Dan Rather as the man who sent him , as he is this universe's double of Kenneth Burrows.

Believing that he can get this man to stop the transmissions, he publicly assaults him, demanding the frequency on which they're transmitted, so he can block it. As time passes, he becomes convinced that the entire news center is a front for the group from his dimension that sent him, after failed attempts at gaining entry, he is arrested and committed to an asylum where the transmissions continue to haunt him

Meanwhile, this universe's double of William Tager, under the name Kenneth Burrows, is successful in using the news network for nefarious work in connection with the alternate universe's government conspiracy
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