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Re: "The Cage" Original Version

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The main problem with that is that there is no original version.
Essentially correct. We're talking about an unsold pilot film, essentially an unfinished draft. If it had been purchased in that form, it would probably have been edited before broadcast anyway, because it was too long to fit in a 1-hour slot. Once it was rejected, Roddenberry considered shooting more material to expand it into a theatrical film, but ended up cutting up the color master of the pilot to turn it into the "Menagerie" 2-parter, which is why the only "intact" version of the pilot that survived was Roddenberry's B&W print. The film cuts from the master were recovered in 1987 and incorporated into the full-color home-video release, but the cut parts of the master soundtrack were never recovered, which is why they had to keep using the soundtrack cut together from "The Menagerie" and the B&W print.
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