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Re: Lindelof not writing next trek movie?

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Did Duane or Foster write for the show?
Diane Duane loosely adapted her TOS novel, "The Wounded Sky", into a TNG episode, "Where No One Has Gone Before". Her glass spider scientist became the Traveler.

Alan Dean Foster's shelved Klingon two-parter script, written on spec for the abandoned Season Four of TOS, was used to pad out a single TAS episode to novel length for "Star Trek Log Seven". On the strength of his work for Ballantine's adaptations of TAS and his Power Records audio scripts, Foster was asked to adapt "Robot's Return" (a script for "Genesis II") into the premise for "In Thy Image", which would become a Harold Livingston script, and eventually "Star Trek: The Motion Picture".
So that would be no on Duane and almost on Foster. ( assuming one sees TOS and TAS as seperate shows)
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