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Re: Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Star Trek: The Lost Generation

Episode #1 The Golgotha

Chapter #13 The "Gullible" Warren Archer

Lieutenant Warren Archer was mad.

He wasn't mad about his two favorite heroes that used to serve on the Enterprise for being traitors. Oh, he was furious about that, but that was not what he was mad about now.

Nor was he mad about being Vulcan nerve pinched by a beautiful woman. At least he had not been mesmerized into hesitancy as Ensign Bobby Blake had been when they were being attacked by that outraged Klingon and that "vision" had stunned Bobby before he could get a shot off. He could understand their point of view for intervening as they had done, but he was not mad about that.

He was mad at himself for not being able to know when a person was telling the truth or not. He had always erred on the side of caution to trust people at their word, but he really did not want to believe not one word that was coming out of that teenage girl's mouth, but as it turned out, she was telling the truth about wearing a holographic swimsuit. It was much to his surprise when he did caught sight of the Klingon and that "angel-like" creature outside the holosuite door that made him hesitate for a minute before the Riker girl took that moment to elbow him in the ear, forcing him to drop her over the entryway of the holosuite door. He had seen the top half of holographic swimsuit over girls' back did vanish over the entryway into the corridor and then come the top half of her swimsuit did back again when she had quickly brought herself entirely back into the holosuite. He was blushing with embarrassment when that had happened and then the offended Klingon charged into the holosuite began attacking them, and so he had no time to profess a sincere public apology to the girl.

After awakening in Sick Bay with a slight headache from that Vulcan nerve pinch, the first words that his other fellow officer that had helped block the girl from going into the changing hut had said was, "She was telling the truth, Warren."

"I know that NOW, Jay!" Warren fumed at Ensign Jay Patterson for stating the obvious.

"I still did blocked her from going to the hut.." Jay reported weakly as he sat on a bio-bed, still nursing the place on his jaw that the Klingon had busted. Although he was treated in Sickbay, the Klingon had knocked out one of his molars while five had to be stengethened for being loose.

"OH!" Warren grunted when his partner was having a guilt trip now, "You HAD TO!" he continued, throwing his hands up in frustration, "she could have had a WEAPON" concealed in there or even buried in the sands somewhere!"

"Yeah..." Jay agreed as he remembered an incident,"like that time when Delgado and Jenkins had arrested that drunken Klingon from that bar scene here at the station," then he paused, wondering,"was it that same holosuite or was it..?"

"That was the one at the end of the corrider, "Warren remembered angrily, "..not the one we were in. We ought to make it a standard policy to turn off the holosuite program whenever any one in security has to make an arreest in a holosuite.."

"They don't because of the safety features would prevent any..." Jay began to explain.

But Warren finished,"...holographic weapons from being used to harm anyone....," and then he continued in pointing out in protest,"but not real weapons," and then he got off of the bio-bed he was sitting on and argued some more, "and they can just as well turn off the safety features if they have a rank high enough to do that."

Jay did nod his head in agreement to that and commented, "Yeah... like a captain or an admiral."

"Or a chief in Engineering," Warren reminded him, "or even the first officer that is assigned to that posting," and then he smacked his forehead with both of his hands,"which any first officer would be able to do once all commands functions are transferred on layovers!"

Jay looked at him funny and then realized something,"But Riker is a Captain now, Warren. You keep thinking of him as Commander Riker..."

Which was true, but Warren was not going to admit to his mental mistake, "I KNOW that! I AM referring to him passing knowledge with his authority code to his children!"

Jay's eyes lit up and exclaimed,"Boy! We were lucky!"

"Yeah..." grumbled Archer, "from now on, I don't care who is in the holosuite, I am shutting it down upon entering."

"Admiral Barone..." Jay interjected in reminding him.

"I don't CARE what the Admiral says! That is putting our lives at stake for not being allowed to shut down the holosuite programs at the station!"

"Doesn't matter anyway," Jay pointed out, "the Admiral had put in his own personal command code to prevent all of the holosuites at this station from being terminated by outside players."

"Yeah..." Warren said as it took the steam out of his arguments,"I never understood why he did that to be implemented for all use of the holosuites."

"Probably something about preventing waiting players from cutting time short for those still in a running program?" Jay reasoned.

Warren looked at him, pondering that and said, "Maybe.."

The two of the nurses that were talking at another station in Sick Bay finally came over to check the last bio-readings that was registered on Warren from his bio-bed and then they motioned to him to come back and lie down on the bio-bed to get a current reading. He complied. After ascertaining that there were no other adverse effects besides those from a Vulcan nerve pinch, they had announced, "Well, your blood came back clean... as in toxin free. You are free to go, but you are to remain off duty for the rest of the day."

Then they went over to motion to Jay to lie back on the bio bed table he was sitting on still to check his readings before giving him the okay to leave Sick Bay, giving him also the restriction of not returning to work today.

It was then that Bobby Blake came in, still in uniform. "Man!" he announced, "This is bigger than we thought?"

"What?!" Warren demanded to know.

"You do know that Klingon and his lady were arrested for assaulting us, right?" Bobbly inquired.

"Yes," Warren confirmed," any weapon discharge on the station would be registered as it would be on any starship."

"They wouldn't hear the alarms going off until they had left the holosuite..." Jay pointed out, but Warren ignored him once again of the admiral's little addition for uninterrupted holosuite time.

"Well," Bobbly continued, "as it turns out, the Admiral's security team checked them out as the two were of the crew, the "Pioneer", and Security found a list of Starfleet personnel on one of their crew's Padd. So not only is that crew are being rounded up as we speak, but also the Starfleet personnel that are on that Padd."

"For what?" Warren and Jay both said at once.

"Treason," Bobby proclaimed. Warren got off of that bio bed and was approaching Bobby in an angry way, but Bobby waved his hands at him and said, "I am not pulling a joke on you, Warren!"

"Yeah?! You think I am so gullible as to not notice we are all off duty now so you can pull those jokes on me?!!" Warren yelled in his face as he continued, "THIS IS SERIOUS!! IT IS one thing to see the video records of Captain Riker and his wife attacking Admiral Barone and then ANOTHER of a visual when Starfleet security had arrived quickly to show the diversion of their kids from walking towards the admiral with that girl carrying a hyperspray in her hand AND to see that girl in another visual of her dumping that hyperspray in a trash recepticle for Starfleet Medical to confirm that SAME hyperspray had that slow acting toxin in it to make it look like the admiral had a heart attack to FINALLY CONVINCE ME that my heroes are TRAITORS along with their OWN CHILDREN!!!" he paused to get another breath to continue fuming, "but WHAT you JUST SAID makes NO SENSE at ALL!!"

Silence filled the Sick Bay as even the nurses were afraid to say any thing at that moment, but Bobby managed to get the nerve to speak to his off duty commanding officer,"Umm.. just because they are being arrested for treason, doesn't mean they are guilty."

"Ahem..." Jay broke in, keeping himself from smiling as they do pull practical jokes alot on the gullible Archer, but this was serious, and so he said reservingly in conviction, "Starfleet is probably just covering all the bases..."

"Yeah?!!" Warren jerked his face away from Bobby to face Jay as he marched over to him and stood there mere inches away from his face, "WHY is it that it FEELS like a JOKE on ME?"

A thought had invaded Jay for a moment. Even though the Dominion War was over, it was a realization of legal precedent for during the Dominion War that was fresh on his mind still. No one in security can make an accusation of treason nor arrest anyone for treason until they had solid evidence of treason. The fear of a changeling impersonating anyone in Starfleet can get someone killed before Starfleet Medical could ascertain that the said "suspect" was not a changeling at all. But even before the Dominion War, there was still legal precedent to not accuse anyone of treason until it has been proven by solid evidence, and then they can "arrest" someone for "treason". Jay looked at Bobby and then said weakly,"Yeah, Bobby," he paused, and then continued, "something isn't right here. You can't arrest anyone for treason just because their names were on a Padd."

"Hey!" Bobby reacted in surprise, "That's right!"

"Guilt by association," came the voice from one of the Admiral's security officer standing in the doorway of the Sick Bay. He entered Sick Bay as the door slid shut behind him, and approached the three men. Then he motioned them to a visual monitor at the far side of the room used for station's communication. He then put in a visual chip and displayed the content, "as it turns out, one of the Klingon's crewmates, a Ferengi by the name of Kek, was purchasing these items that when put together, can be a means to bypass a locked access port. It is conceiveable that they were planning to steal a ship to rescue Captain Riker and his family," then he turned off the screen and pulled the visual chip,"as you should know, more evidence is coming in of this serious breach of Starfleet security involving even those Starfleet personnel on that Ferengii's padd. Of its content, I cannot convey at this time, but it is unsettling," the officer looked at the befuddled men as he continued,"there is even a question regarding the station's counselor as well."

"Oh, COME ON!!!" the three men blurted in protest now. The station's counselor was their favorite person on the station due to her performances in their annual plays. Her pleasant cheerful smile helped them through the oppression of the Dominion War every day. A marked accomplishment for a Vulcan, but it made her reputation as a counselor.

"Again, as I said, there is a question regarding her involvement, but it is highly unlikely," the officer said as he went on,"she is not being charged with treason, but her safety is in question."

"How so?" Warren demanded to know, still feeling like he is so gullible for believing anything this guy was saying.

"It is reasonable to assume she is targetted as a hostage to be used as a means to escape the station," the officer explained, "there is evidence in correspondence between several of those personnels on that Padd of conspiring to get the counselor alone on the memorial ship, Prometheus," that made the three men stood straight up in being fully alarmed now,"...although nothing conclusive as of yet" the officer said as he had seen their reaction, but continued,"... in spite of our additional security teams from the admirals visiting the station, we do not have enough coverage even with your present volume of Starfleet security on duty here at this station. You three are to ignore Medical leave for this day and to search the former memorial ship, Prometheus, for the missing Counselor."

No more words had to be said. For the Counselor to be missing, that meant her combadge was no longer on her. She had to be abducted already. The three men grabbed their phasers from the personal effects table and were out the door.

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