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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

And if all ^ THAT isn't enough for you to watch this show... there's always Suzanne... AKA Crazy Eyes.

Maureen Ryan interviews Uzo Aduba:

I like how Uzo (and everyone this far) has spoken so glowingly about working with her fellow actresses...

Was it interesting or enjoyable to be in a production that is predominantly female?

It was. I've been in smaller productions with a lot of women, but I had never been in a project with so many women, and I've never been in a project with so many different women. Shape, race, style of acting -- it was, across the board, such a beautiful thing to be a part of. I'd never had the experience of being a part of a project with so many women and so many different human stories. Yes, they happen to be women's stories, some of them, but they're really just human stories. They were so rich and diverse, [these weren't] stock characters. They were so complicated.

It's a fun article, but Ryan referenced another more serious article in her column which can be found here. It discusses the politics of Race from a ( I assume white) OitNB lover's POV...

I'd already read the Aura Bogado's Nation column he referenced and rather than tsk the Nation writer for making judgments based on watching less than 50 % of the eps, I think he, she, and indeed "we" need to acknowledge that we all look at something from our own POV and that means we can't all appreciate the same things.

And that's okay.

Hell... I've been saying that for years when I come up against fans who HATE Janeway & Voyager. Making Ms Bogado sit down to watch the OTHER 7 eps would not have changed her mind, Mr. McNutt, at all.

From Ms Bogado's article: I first saw a poster for the new series on a subway platform. The word “black” plastered near women of all colors in prison jumpsuits made me shake my head in disappointment, but I soon forgot about it along with all the other racist images I’m surrounded by daily...

My old neuroscience professor used to have a saying... "I'll see it WHEN I believe it." Bogado can't believe in OitNB and more's the pity.

The pity because if she wants to talk prejudice and oppression, there has been one over riding view that HALF the human race has struggled under for millennia.

In the 1950's movie "Deskset", Spencer Tracy's character asks Katharine Hepburn's character what is the FIRST thing she notices about someone when she first meets them. As a kid , (When I watched it in the 70's... I'm not THAT old!) my mind was racing to answer before she did. Was it hair color, was it size, was it (gosh) race?


Naturally Hepburn's character nailed it... it was whether they were a man or a woman.

OitNB is a reminder in so many ways how women are often perceived as the "weaker" sex, the "less intelligent" half of the species, made up of divas and wannabes who would eat their own kind if given half the chance to do so.

In a way, this show is like the recent Starz series on SPARTACUS. That series showed us that even the wealthy women in Roman society were little more than second class citizens. Yes, its better to be a Roman Noble woman than a Roman slave... but given what happened to Lucretia and Illythia and various others in their lofty class... in the end neither the Slaves nor the Nobles were truly free.

The question of sex (the gender, not the act) makes me think of an interview I read from long ago with 1 of the 1st two black male US astronauts. He made a comment that while it was nice being in space, he noticed the white woman got there before the black man.

That struck me.

I wondered if he would have complained as much... (or more?) if the first female American in space was black?

I DID notice that we had three male Captains lead the Star Trek Franchise before we got a woman in the center chair.

Hell, I was just so happy Kathryn arrived, I didn't even mind TPTB put her on a ship that got LOST on its first mission, never making it home for SEVEN long years!

Talk about a stereotype.

So watch the show if you want to, but just because I love it doesn't mean you have to even like it.

But do me a favor, if you watch it... WATCH it.

Like a three ring circus, there are so many things going on in so many different arenas, that its easy to miss half the story.

And realize... like that first Huffington post upthread (The Crimes of Passion one), they really are trying to take you on a journey here, through Piper's privileged/painful experience, and don't be surprised when like McNutt, you too become unable to call Suzanne, "Crazy Eyes" anymore.

"But life is a battle: may we all be enabled to fight it well!" Charlotte Bronte

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