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Re: Smart/cellphones And Modern Life..

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I found this very well done short film,
that really shows how bad our cellphone craze sometimes has gone:
Best comment on there: "we forgot how to human."
(Sure it's by a non-native English-speaker, but even then it captures the situation in perfect English imnsho).

Has this ever happened to you or to your friends maybe?
Do you think it is rude to be on the phone in every situation and so on?
Where do you draw the line, if any?
I have a friend who's always texting (or whatnot*)... maybe not always, but it's the impression one gets when in her company... I find it terribly rude that she's not fully present when I'm actually right there in the room with her. Lately I've brought my Kindle when I go visit her; reading makes me feel able to ignore her right back

Yes, you should be in the here-and-now when you have people you'd consider friends around you, forget Friendface, Scrabble, T-BBS and the people that aren't in the room with you, those things will still be there when your friends have gone home!

I should mention that I'm not immune to answering an SMS, even when I'm in the company of other people, but it's either one message or something I can involve the people in my physical presence with, when I do it.

*) I once heard her (teenage) son shout from his room: "Oh no! you didn't!" because my friend had just beaten him in some game or other while I thought I was having a conversation with her! Not that I'm in any way against kids and parents playing on-line games with each other, mind.

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