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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

More people telling R. Star to climb on the OitNB band wagon...

It was literally hitting me right in the face and I couldn't escape it. So I did it. I watched and my world has never been the same since. Neither will yours, because once you go Orange Is the New Black, you'll never go back...

And in case R. Star can't handle seeing Janeway speak with a Russian accent, much less have hair the color of an eggplant... there's always "this"...

...Schilling's portrayal (as Piper) is profound, strong and genuine. Prepon (As Alex) is cunning, intelligent, and quick witted. These two ladies share not just an undeniable spark and chemistry, but their characters seem to share a kismet interwoven bond that can never be extinguished....


I mean really... has anyone found an article yet that extolls the Larry/Piper chemistry? That talks about their connection or potential?

Does she look even the least bit excited here?

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