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Star Trek: Voyager (Second ReBoot)

Commanding Officer - Captain Elizabeth Shelby - Human, Female
One time head of Starfleet Tactical's Borg Defence Division and First Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D, she has achieved the command she has always wanted. An efficient and hard-working officer with a feisty temperament she is known for her strategic cunning and technical savvy, though isn't the most personable Captain in the fleet.

First Officer - Lt. Commander* Calvin "Cal" Hudson - Human, Male
The former Starfleet Attaché to the DMZ Colonies before he left to join the Maquis, becoming one of its most prominent leaders. An old friend of Benjamin Sisko, his choice to leave left a rift between them, but he sees a just cause worth fighting for and so is willing to do whatever is needed to look after his people.

Chief Security/Tactical Officer - Lieutenant Tuvok - Vulcan, Male
A former instructor of Shelby's, he was on a deep cover mission to infiltrate the Maquis. Over a century old he has amassed a vast array of skills and knowledge which makes him a sound advisor. He is also totally devoted to his wife and children and being separated from them is a wound that runs deep.

Chief Science Officer - Lieutenant Aiva Stadi - Betazoid, Female
A brilliant young scientist, she is warm and sensual like most Betazoids, but likes to maintain a professional decorum when on duty. A much sought after officer, it was her detailed work on the Badlands that saw her assigned to Voyager for its mission to track down the missing Maquis ship.

Chief Flight Control Officer - Lieutenant JG* Nathan Hawk - Human, Male
Once a very bright and promising young officer, before his partner was killed in a misunderstanding with the Cardassians. Caught up in grief and anger, he resigned his commission and joined the Maquis, but was caught several months later. He was initially assigned as a mission specialist, due to his knowledge of Maquis operations.

Chief Engineering Officer - Lieutenant JG* B'Elanna Torres - Human/Klingon, Female
An Academy washout, she is truly gifted when it comes to all things engineering, but couldn't adapt to the strict rules and regulations of Starfleet. Finding herself with the Maquis, she could put her impressive skills to good use fixing up and maintaining their cobbled-together raiders with little in the way of equipment.

Chief Operations Officer - Ensign Samuel "Sam" Lavelle - Human, Male
Fresh from the Academy, Voyager was his first posting, as Relief Operations Officer. But after the Ops Manager was killed in transit to the Delta Quadrant he found himself assuming the position. Keen, eager and willing to volunteer for any job, he has potential but needs time to mature and find his stride.

Chief Medical Officer - Emergency Medical Holographic Programme ("Doctor") - Hologram, Male
Modelled on a prominent physician and surgeon in Starfleet, the EMH was designed to act as a short-term supplement in sickbay in emergencies, but after Voyager lost its entire medical staff he's all they've got. With access to hundreds of sources his knowledge is second to none, unfortunately his personality isn't so robust.

Cook/Guide/Liaison - Neelix - Talaxian, Male
The first native of the Delta Quadrant the crew met, a charming scoundrel who is a jack-of-all-trades, with a vast knowledge of the region and numerous contacts in most systems. Outwardly he is friendly, but his past is filled with loss, heartache and bitterness--though it is something he doesn't discuss with just anyone.

Hydroponics Caretaker/Medic - Kes - Ocampa, Female
A innocent, naïve and sweet young woman from a world where spaceflight is nothing but a distant dream. After being rescued from the Kazon, she wanted to see all she could and, with nothing keeping her at home, asked to join the crew. She sets up the hydroponics bay before being taken on by the Doctor to train as his assistant.
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