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Re: What are you reading?

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Yeah, I know what you mean-- I think it was "they found nothing more precious than mind."
That sounds like it. I think Baxter used that exact same turn of phrase.

I'm not sure what the Red Moon is like, but in the novel 2001, the Monolith took Bowman to a planetoid riddled with tunnels that was like a cosmic switching station.
The Red Moon bounces from one alternate timeline/universe to another every few weeks or months (I don't recall a specific timeline being mentioned, but the characters experience a couple of universe, or "manifold" switches), in each of which the Earth-Moon system developed differently and the evolutionary timeline has been slightly different. People from different forms of humanity (including australopithecus, Neanderthal, modern homo sapiens) are transported from Earth to the Red Moon, and the main characters encounter groups of each. There are also sections written from the points of view of members of each group.

Anyway... after posting the other night that I'd finished Manifold: Origin and was having trouble deciding what to read next, I managed to forget to put a new book in my backpack at all. But I picked one last night - I decided to read a Trek novel for the first time in a while, one called From History's Shadow by some guy named Ward. I have to say, the opening certainly grabbed me.
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